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 Friends of the Missions

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Been There...Blessed To Serve!


 Let's Make This Happen!

...through God's ever helping hand and your contributions, our missions will continue to aid those in serious need.  Your prayerful contributions are greatly appreciated.  Contact us to learn more!

 Preparing for the Mission
Mission work is not for the faint of heart. Rather, it requires a lot of prep work, not only by the planning team, but volunteers as well.  Critical information is needed from each team member before the mission begins. Much of this data collection is initiated by the planning team* and requested from volunteers.  Below is a list of the typical information and data required. At this point it is not possible to determine what addn'l data will be needed to satisfy COVID related international requirements.
 Information / Data Requirements
1)   Passport

2)   Visa

3)   Mission Release Agreement *

4)   Medical Contact / Beneficiary Form *

5)   Medical Information *

7)   Vaccination Record *

8)   Professional Licenses *

9)   Copies Diplomas / Specialties *

10) International Travel Med Insurance * 

11) Fees *  
 Note:  Requirements can change without notice.

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