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Friends of the Missions

St Augustine, Florida


 37 Missions Since 2006!

Tens of Thousands Helped!

Join Us For Future Missions!

Doctors, Nurses, Lay Staff, Clergy


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About Us

Friends of the Missions is a volunteer, 501c3 non-profit organization which performs medical & dental health care, water, construction and ag missions in locations all over the globe. Our work has been extensive with;

  • 4 water missions Tanzania
  • 4 build missions Honduras
  • 2 build missions Russia
  • 1 well build Indonesia

Health care missions have included 20 separate visits to the Honduras and 7 missions to Jamaica. We have also performed health care work in Guyana, Liberia, Siberia, Colombia, Mongolia and Peru. We are constantly seeking to expand our missionary reach.

We operate through a Board of Directors which is accountable for maintaining our 501c3 status, establishing mission objectives and priorities, acquiring needed medicines and related products, communicating with various governments regarding mission plans and creating fund raising opportunities.

We're funded through donations. These go directly to assisting the poor. Our volunteer/leadership teams receive no compensation for their work. Our mission volunteers pay for their travel and boarding as part of their missionary assignments. They donate their time, talent, money and compassion serving God's people.

Prayer, deeds and action are our currency while planning and executing our missionary work. Our efforts are directed to true areas of need. We welcome all faiths to participate in this calling, whether serving or being served.

We hope you volunteer, whether lay person, clergy, non-religious. The poor of the world need us all!

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    Blessed be Patron Saints Conon and the                               Little Flower

   Pray for us Sts Jude, Anthony & Faustina

Let us pray for all life lost in the tragic war in Ukraine.  We beg you, Our Lord, to end all hostilities and establish lasting peace. 

Been There...Blessed To Serve!

Mission To Mongolia?

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   Hall of Fame Inductee Photos!


          Jacob M. Schroeder

Founder, Friends of the Missions

          St Augustine, Florida

           Inductee 2022!

 Preparing for the Mission

Mission work is not for the faint of heart. Rather, it requires a lot of prep work, not only by the planning team, but volunteers as well. Critical information is needed from each team member before the mission begins. Much of this data collection is initiated by the planning team* and requested from volunteers. Below is a list of the typical information and data required. At this point it is not possible to determine what addn'l data will be needed to satisfy COVID related international requirements.

Information / Data Requirements

1) Passport

2) Visa

3) Mission Release Agreement *

4) Medical Contact / Beneficiary Form *

5) Medical Information *

6) Vaccination Requirements *

7) Vaccination Record *

8) Professional Licenses *

9) Copies Diplomas / Specialties *

10) International Travel Med Insurance *

11) Fees *  

 Note: Requirements can change without notice.


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